From pepper to salt is a digital catalog of my experiences in Travel, Food and Technology. The trinity of my life. The term ‘Pepper to salt’ is a metaphor for the process of ageing, learning and growing as a person.

Like any other Indian, I got an engineering degree, supplemented it with an MBA from one of the leading management institutes and landed the so called good job. Then one fine day there was one moment that propelled me into self actualization (Maslow’s theory). We will be talking about it as we proceed through this blog.
Since childhood days, I am a fan of technology and often dream about having the best of gadgets and programming the best devices with my existing affordability. By engineering days my laptop was the only thing I needed from life.

First things first, this is not the place where I will be telling you about how I quit my corporate job and adopted a nomad or mobile lifestyle and how I am making stash of money hopping through places in the world. Life priorities are simple, enjoy the best of things that life offers. If you truly believe, you can have the best of both professional and personal worlds. So when I am not wearing the cape of a financial analyst, I am busy planning my next backpacking trip, new cultures to explore, best places to eat and living the out of cubicle life to my fullest. This blog is about my journey from pepper (when my hair used to be all black) to salt as I see a few of them have popped to be, encapsulating the adventures with Travel, Food and Technology on the way…

So lets start,

Travel . Food . Technology