‘Procus Urban’ wireless headset.

The latest addition to my gadgets basket is the wireless headset from Procus Urban series. This review is after approx.100 hours of burnout on all music genre’s.
After almost a year of usage on my Soundpeats QY7 the silicone on cable ripped off and disconnected one of the plugs. The hunt was on for a new pair.It had to be wireless and the quality of music was a priority. Intention was very much to buy another pair of QY7, but since consistency doesn’t appeal me much I decided to explore a few more products before I finally place the repeat order on Amazon.Over a few more deep searches on Google the difficulties seemed to be increasing and one major question was, “Should I go for earplugs or a headset?”.
A major difference between the two being earplugs play the lower frequencies exceptionally well since Silicone buds act as a natural noise insulator, while the headset pops up good midtones and the higher voice + treble frequencies to give a good ambient and surround effect.Also, one major drawback of wireless headsets is the battery life, if you are a heavy music user or watching and interesting web series while the earphone says “low battery” there is very little you can do about it at that moment until you plug them again and charge for another hour.
Moving onto the procus story around a few months ago, I was travelling in a local train and I spotted a college kid wearing a very vibrant yet classy piece of headsets.Over time I completely forgot that episode and forged ahead with my search for another few days.A good option for me was to pick up the Sony wireless XB series but since already have a wired model at home so it was no point ordering the same pizza with different toppings.Somewhere on one of the YouTube videos I came across the procus urban headset series and it was easy to recollect it’s the same pair I had spotted in the train the other day.My initial impression about the brand Procus, was more into adventure cameras and action gadgets.
One major factor that’s skewed my decision was the availability of 3.5 mm jack incase the battery drained out. Voila !!! maybe this is the one I was looking for. Did an extensive research online and finally placed the order.
Coming to the real time test results, like I mentioned earlier in case of wireless headsets, I do not expect the bass to be very heavy but one thing it does exceptionally well is in the mid frequencies section and the stereo effect. I have never had a better Studio surround effect till date. The default tuning of the headphone is where the vocals and higher frequencies are over powered and take over the bass. One simple solution to this is using the Equaliser to manually tweak frequencies and get an optimum mix. To my surprise the headphone has the capability to play very well on the bass. So I have three things now, a good bass, exceptional stereo effect and a 3.5 mm jack in case the battery runs out. It comfortably gives a 5-6 hours of playback time on a single charge and comes preloaded with an extra pair of washable, yes you read that right ‘washable earpads’ plus a 3.5 mm audio cable very neatly packed.The material used is a soft touch plastic with coloured rubber/silicone straps and the quality and the finish give it a very premium feel.
To put it all in a nutshell a few points that favoured the most to my requirements were:
1) Wireless
2) Good music quality.
3) Elegant looks
4) 3.5 mm auxiliary cable.
5) Washable ear pads for all those ‘white’ lovers.
For a price band of INR 2,500 to 3,000 it’s a very steal deal but if you are a strict basehead, a Sony XB series would suffice you better…

PS: The colour is not black as you would see on most of the web images.Its mid grey like a Harvey Spectre suit.

IMG_20180526_112339_Bokeh.jpg  IMG_20180526_112545.jpg

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