‘Cowon EM1’ budget earplugs.

After a lot of reviewing for the past few days finally I decided to give a try for a new entrant in the audiozone ‘Cowon Em1’
Below is the reveiw after 30hrs burnout.
As most of the audiophiles expected it is a decent set of plugs.The the driver gives enough thump for everyday listening(better than Soundmagic and less than creative)The clarity is good but some times it tends to crack at the upper frequencies and may sound a little over sharp for metal.The mids are well balanced for the spectrum.
The only drawback I found was the sound is a little hollow compared to a flat one in the Tekfusion twinwoofers.I had to tweak my equaliser and post that it outperforms the creative in all the aspects.
Noise cancellation is not that great. I would rate it 7/10 with triple flanges of tekfusion as a benchmark.You might also face one more issue with fitting the earplugs in the ear as the buds as at very short distance from the driver, so don’t expect it to go deep into your ears.
One advantage it carries over the clan is the flat cable design hence expected to be more durable.
Overall, I would say it’s a very good option for the price tag it carries (INR 800).If you want a headset for casual music listening while travelling these plugs will perform upto the mark.However if you are not tight on budgets and can stretch upto 1.4K i suggest go for the Tekfusion twinwoofers.

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