JBL Go wireless speaker.

Hey guys, today we will be talking about a new gadget category that almost fills up any audiophile’s wardrobe.Its the wireless Bluetooth portable speaker.The most important factor for this category would be ideally something that strikes a good balance between a good audio quality as well as portability. So let’s get going…
A lot of research and reviews on the web made ‘JBL Go’ the winner on my list pitted against the ‘Logitech X50’. I purchased the model in a tangy Orange colour, the typical JBL colour. During unboxing, the speaker looks so small and handy, it can be mistakenly underrated for its performance, as this thing fits in your palm. It is a square-shaped device (slightly rectangular so satisfy the perfectionists) so you can rest it on almost any surface and it’s ready for you. The surface is a soft touch silicone plastic that feels nice and gives a good grip. It has five buttons the volume ‘+’, volume’-‘, the Bluetooth synchronization button, a power key and a calling key to connect and disconnect calls. The buttons are embedded in the speaker case itself and I liked the design aspect where in the power key is not fused with the Bluetooth synchronization with a long press like in case of most other speakers/headphones. It just makes it very functional and convenient to operate and connect a sound source. The battery in pretty good enough and plays approx 6 hours on a single charge and even if you run out of the battery it has a feature to connect with and AUX cable. That’s so cool !!!
This satisfies the appearance and portability part.

Coming to the major criteria of the two, the audio quality. Like I said earlier let not the dimensions of the device underrate it. This thing is a monster when it comes to loudness. The speaker almost fills up any room of 500 Sqft. with no need for any other speakers. The bass is punchy enough, much more for what you could expect from this size. It does not give an impact of the extreme low frequencies that you get in case of large speakers, but considering that it is a wireless and very portable device, I think it is very good in its class. The mid’s and the treble are also well-balanced and do not over power the base.At higher volumes, the higher frequencies (Treble) don’t crack. The speaker output will remain as soothing at 80% of the volume as 20% of the volume. Overall the audio quality is much better than I had anticipated.
A very obvious question that comes to mind is why do I need a portable Bluetooth speaker ? So I would like to share my usage that can help you figure out your requirements:

  1. I am and avid traveller and a trekker, so this speaker accompanies me in most of the treks.
  2. It is wrapped with me on my longer marathons long distance cycle rides.Sometimes on long runs it is not really comfortable carrying wireless headphones wrapped around my neck.Its distracting.
  3. The most important use of this for me is casual listening, like listening to audio books at home with doing other tasks, watching YouTube videos and sometimes just quickly listening to music when I am working on my laptop and for all other occasions when you really don’t feel the need to plug those headphones.

I can couple it with my laptop, tablet, mobile phone much like any other device that has a bluetooth and a good sound is ready for me.Below a re a few snaps for my actual product.In case you have any questions, post it won in the comments section below and

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