Cafe Tea Totaler, Mussoorie

Mussoorie, the queen of hills, is one of the most scenic places in India.The experience is further accentuated if you have a hill view with some great food to satiate your soul.A foodie on the quest of one such place, I came across Cafe Tea Totaler on the iconic mall road. This cafe is placed like a big balcony on the edge of a cliff, so you get a breathtaking veiw of the valley right from your table.The ambiance is very modern and has a peppy vibe to it with faint music playing in the background.I can just relax for hours looking at the valley in this ambiance. I visited this place twice on my two-day short trip.I tried their vegetable noodles, i think it is one of the most heavenly things I have ever tasted, it is now a part of my memory just like the butter garlic prawns I had at the Fishermans Wharf in Goa.Skipping the regular tea, i decided to go with the ‘Kulhad Chai’.I am not sure if it’s the tea or the Kulhad but the accentuated aroma definitely is a soul soother.It’s like petrichor emanating from the dry grass.I am well read about their bubble tea offering, but in a limited timeframe I couldn’t do justice to the wide menu offerings.
A note, there are two cafe’s placed approx a Kilometer apart on mall road.This one serves vegetarian food and the second one serves Non-vegetarian. Honestly, I have never seen such an epitome of luxury across any cafe brand, but I liked the sensitivity and thoughtfulness of its owner and their dedication to serve great food for both the customer base.To sum it up all its a very cute place with some really nice food, so next time you are in Mussoorie this place is a must visit…

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