A paradise in Pondicherry

In recent times, I have come across frequent usage of word ‘over-tourism‘, where the beaches are always overcrowded and you are hunting for shacks to relax on your much planned trip to a destination. I am always on the look out for a more soul soothing experience, where you can sip a drink by a virgin beach with white sand, the seagulls flying by and gusting sound of undulating waves gently washing away the sand beneath your feet. A place where another human being is beyond the minimum distance of Bluetooth range.I came across one such beach on my trip to Pondicherry, the french town in India.

This panoramic setting is very true to its name and is located just 7Kms from the peppy town of Pondicherry. The ‘paradise Island’ is not geographically an island, it is an extension of a landmass into the sea and covered with water on three sides. The easiest way to reach there is to take a short 15 min. boat ride from the Chunammbar boat house, that costs approximately INR 150.You can easily spend half a day on this island.There is a small restaurant that serves good food and drinks at a little steep prices (for obvious reasons) and there are also a few shacks that sell coconut water. The beach is pristine and the white sand accentuates the experience.

An ideal offbeat experience would be to rent a boathouse and spend he night by the bay. A little communication with the locals helped me with a solution.If you are a big group of visitors, you can actually rent an entire boathouse for a price of INR 20,000 for the night and the boat deck is all loaded with food and drinks that can be customized.

The welcome sign at the entrance mentions some adventure activities, but I didn’t see any one parasailing or jet-skiing. I just relished on the balmy day of early spring.

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