An audiophiles budget favourite, Sennheiser CX180 – Review

On the timeline of my audiophile journey this one comes after my ‘Soundpeats QY7’ stopped giving the beats in left ear rendering it useless for a complete music experience.

With the advent of wireless audio wearables, I am not a big fan of wired earphones these days. But classics do exist in every field that still stand up to the competition with fresh bloom. Sennheiser CX 180 is one such product. Over the years I have heard many positive reviews about these budget category headphones. Some also claimed it to be the best in the segment. This qualifies it enough to give it a personal testing and check if they fit my scale of experience.

Moving from a wireless pair to a wired one was not an easy switch as most of the audiophiles will agree with me and I am still searching the cause for the perfectly tangled wires when the headphones are not in use. A quick search on few websites concluded with good deal on Amazon. A very minimalistic packing defines its simplicity and the small earbuds with thin wires gave me an impression of a delicate ‘Handle with care’ product.



In the transparent plastic case you get a pair of earplugs and two other pairs of silicone buds to give you a comfortable ear fit for your ears. The earplugs come pre-fitted with a ‘M’ size silicone buds and in most cases you may no need to change them. The fit is very comfortable and the plugs sit secretly inside your ear giving a very good passive noise cancellation. The 3.5mm jack is right angled with the brandname embossed on the angle plug. The wires are round(No flat cables) and very thin, also they are highly tangle prone so you might have to invest a few seconds to untangle before use everytime. The only major drawback as I see is, it does not have an inbuilt microphone, so its just a pair of earplugs. I think that’s the only lacuna I could identify with the external features.

Some geeky Stuff :

  1. Audio range – 20Hz – 20Khz
  2. Wire length : 1.2m
  3. Impedance : 16 Ohm
  4. SPL (Sound pressure level) : 110db (An indicator of how loud your earphones can go, just as a benchmark, city traffic is around 80db and a jet taking off at 130db)

Music experience:


Firing up the earplugs for the first time, a very good sound clarity was the first thing I noticed. The audio signature tone is mostly flat and the earphone does a good job at balancing all the frequencies to enhance that clarity. I have heard a dozens of low priced earphones that claim a good bass, but it very disappointing to get an overpowered but muddled bass. If you are a bass head and used to Sony XB series, this one might require some tweaking with the equaliser. The bass is not overpowered and punchy enough, it kicks in at the right time when required. As a music lover myself, I would prefer a slightly lower but punchy enough base for a great music listening experience. I think Sennheiser has done a very excellent job with the audio quality of this product. Then mid’s and high’s are absolutely crisp, well-tuned and shine after the 50hour burnout. They are a strong contender for long hours of music listening given the comfort and quality of audio reproduction.

To put it in a nutshell, I would rate these 8/10 for the excellent sound quality offered at this price point, however the wire tangle issue and absence of a microphone pull it down from being the perfect one available. If a microphone is not a requirement and you are not a bass head, it’s a big yes.

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