Yay, we are going to ‘Corsica’ but where to stay and what to do ? (Tips and tricks)

More often it happens with travel bugs, the destination itself is more exciting than the things to do. An unplanned travel trip can not only lead to drained bank account, but also ruin the image of that destination forever in your brain and your references. If you have three days in one of the most … Continue reading Yay, we are going to ‘Corsica’ but where to stay and what to do ? (Tips and tricks)


Dehradun, A quaint town at Himalayan foothills.

The cute little town of Dehradun is much more than just a transit station to Himalayan treks. In this post, I talk about my most happening two days in this town.

World’s oldest Vegetarian restaurant : Hiltl, Zurich.

Switzerland has not exactly been a cradle of vegetarianism. But, Haus Hiltl, located in Sihlstrasse 28, Zurich holds a Guinness world record for being the worlds oldest continuously open vegetarian restaurant. The place first opened in 1898, is serving amazing vegetarian food, since then...

A paradise in Pondicherry

In recent times, I have come across frequent usage of word 'over-tourism', where the beaches are always overcrowded and you are hunting for shacks to relax on your much planned trip to a destination. I am always on the look out for a more soul soothing experience, where you can sip a drink by a … Continue reading A paradise in Pondicherry

How to budget for Hampi without breaking your bank…

Although the hidden Gem of Hampi, Karnataka has recently started gaining popularity in the Indian travellers world, it is long known by the hippies who flock India in large numbers as much as to create their own Hippie island on the other side of Tungabhadra river. Hampi is usually identified for its rich cultural heritage … Continue reading How to budget for Hampi without breaking your bank…

Rann of Kutch : The Gujrat tour

             Like most of my travel wish list items the inspiration for the white Rann also found its way through one of the blogs posts. The author’s experience described was very riveting with beautifully sculpted words. I have always heard about this beautiful place through my geography textbooks and my interest … Continue reading Rann of Kutch : The Gujrat tour