An audiophiles budget favourite, Sennheiser CX180 – Review

On the timeline of my audiophile journey this one comes after my ‘Soundpeats QY7’ stopped giving the beats in left ear rendering it useless for a complete music experience. With the advent of wireless audio wearables, I am not a big fan of wired earphones these days. But classics do exist in every field that … Continue reading An audiophiles budget favourite, Sennheiser CX180 – Review

JBL Go wireless speaker.

Hey guys, today we will be talking about a new gadget category that almost fills up any audiophile's wardrobe.Its the wireless Bluetooth portable speaker.The most important factor for this category would be ideally something that strikes a good balance between a good audio quality as well as portability. So let's get going... A lot of … Continue reading JBL Go wireless speaker.